Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Ballet T-Shirt Affair, or It's OK, I'm a Process Knitter

Your author isn't exactly quick on the uptake. I see the Ballet T-shirt in Durham's book and think, Wow! Cute! And think how quickly I could get that off the needles! And then, later, I'm reading Grumperina and I see the Tivoli Tee, and think, Wow this looks like that other tee I want to make, only a smaller gauge. Cool! Had I really read the blog closely, I would have seen the post where the author points out all the problems that I had with the Ballet Tee pattern.
Of course, because she is a Smart Knitter, she was able to figure out all these problems without actually knitting the sweater. She knew there was something off about an adult wearing a sweater with a 29 inch bust. She knew the fabric would sag. She knew the waist would not be as defined as would look best, with only one center dart. She was not seduced by the promise of a quick FO. So she designed a Better Tee. Clever, clever. Go to her blog and see how she designed Tivoli. It's an education!
Now I'm looking forward to Tivoli, but I have figured out that the sizes she provides are not going to fit me properly. She provides patterns for 31, 36, and 37" finished bust measurements, and the models all have actual bust sizes that are 2-3 inches bigger. I am going to need to make about a 34 inch size. So all that math practice with the Ballet Tee is not going to waste! Also, I think my mom or my aunt could wear the one I made -- it's definitely too big for me. Knit and learn, knit and learn...


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