Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yarn Binge! And progress on Tivoli...

I couldn't possibly be posting on my blog. I'm WAY too busy hitting the LYS's and trawling for yarn and vintage patterns (new obsession) on eBay. I have whiled away more late-night hours than I care to admit lately looking for pattern booklets from the 40s and 50s on eBay. I have managed to snag a few, and so now I have MAIL to look forward to. YAY! I also scored some awesome Colinette Giotto on eBay at a shockingly low price. Check it out for yourself -- just search for Giotto in the Yarn category.

While getting yarn in the mail is fun, shopping for it in person is even more fun. Here are a couple of my recent purchases. The other day, I visited Susan Yarns in Cleveland Heights and bought the Katia Diana. I just love this yarn, so soft and yummy! I had Little Guy #2 with me (he's 2.5 years old), and when I got him out of the car, he said, "Here we are at the yarn store!" Both cute and a little scary.

And yesterday I went to Fine Points and scored this lovely Rowan Summer Tweed. I am seriously considering going right back to buy more of a different color. I bought enough of the green to make a pullover with sleeves. Maybe just a few hanks, for a tank? Maybe that wouldn't be TOO indulgent.

But I have been working on Tivoli too, and here's how it looks. As I think I mentioned before, it's in Berroco Denim Silk. It looks a little more blue and less purple in this photo than it does in person. Nice fiber, this Denim Silk. I am about to start the decreases for the waist. One thing that seriously annoys me about circular knitting is how hard it is to measure accurately. Or at least it is for me. I think this may be turning out a bit smaller than I intended, but I think it will still fit. And I am definitely going for a fitted look here so there will be no ripping.
A thought for the day seen on someone's signature file: Todo el rato que esta enojado, pierde de estar contento. Or, all time spent angry is time lost being happy. It's a Mexican proverb I am going to remember if I try this thing on and it sags anywhere.


Blogger Olga said...

I understand exactly what you mean about the vintage patterns! There was a fabulous book in the Los Angeles Public Library that I found while I was visiting my sister...except I couldn't check it out! I was only able to make a copy of an adorable little baby shrug. But the way the women's sweaters are fitted...simply gorgeous. For laughs, too, there are always the knitted rompers!

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