Friday, August 05, 2005

Socks!! Or, Laura Jumps on the Bandwagon

In some areas of my life, I can be almost a trendsetter. Par example, I was listening to Keane before they could be heard on the radio in Cleveland. And also ... Ok, so I'm struggling to think of another example.
Anyway, when it comes to knitting trends, I really lag behind the crowd. I just went through the novelty-yarn-scarf-thing last year. (For a variety of reasons, I just didn't have the mental energy for anything other than garter stitch rectangles, OK?) I am SO over that. I am only into actual real fibers now, as opposed to petroleum products. (I am willing to accept blends of naturally occurring fibers and petroleum products. Read these last sentences in your best Yarn Snob voice.) That means I have a bunch of stuff like this up for sale on eBay right now.
Since I've starting knitblogstalking (see! another trend I'm coming to late!), I've seen all these lovely socks that people have been knitting. Like Carolyn's. Because I am such a yarn ho, I actually had sock yarn in my stash, even though I've never really been a sock knitter. Someday, we think in the LYS, someday I'll want to knit socks, or lace, or [insert completely new-to-you project type here]. Well, baby, that day is here. I am obsessed with socks.
For the trip to Northampton, I pulled some Lion Brand Magic Stripes out of the stash and found some patterns on the net and among the ones that I have saved. Inspired by the Retro Anklet pattern in Socks, Socks, Socks and the Alison's Ankle Socks on The Blue Blog, I came up with these. As you can see, they are almost done. And now I can't stop thinking about socks. Which is good, because Le Mari wants socks, and thinks the Little Guys need socks...
I did these on one circular needle, and did the short row method for the heels and toes. Using one circular is the perfect way to do the short row heels and toes. You just zoom right through the socks. Fun, fun, fun.
Here's how I did it (I have a size 7-1/2 or 8 shoe and they fit me just right). My gauge is about 7sts/in with size 3 needles: CO 52 sts. K2,p2 rib for 1.5 inches. Continue in st st until work measures 4 in. Pick one side to be your heel. K to last st, wrap that st then turn work. P to last st, wrap that st, and turn. Continue doing this, always knitting or purling to the last unwrapped st, until you have 8 unwrapped sts on the needle. K to first wrapped st, k that st and the wrap tog. Turn and p to first wrapped st, put wrap on LH needle and p that and the st tog. Continue doing this until you have reincorporated all the sts into the heel. Start knitting around again in st st until you are about 2" from the end of your foot. Work the toes the same way you did the heels. (NB: Start on the same side as the heels, or your toe seam will be on the bottom of your foot.) Kitchener stitch the toes. Make another sock.
Couldn't resist another picture of those heels and toes. The joins are a little holey where I turned the short rows, but I think they'll full a little when washed. Also, no feet were stabbed by needles in the taking of that picture!


Blogger Laura said...

Hi from another knitting Laura. We should start a club.

I see you went to Smith! I went to Williams--pratically neighbors. :-)

Your blog looks great! keep up the good work.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Olga said...

Cool socks! I have to say, circulars *must* be the way to go, because dealing with tiny dpns is the surest way to a mental breakdown. BTW, your ballet top looks great--you need to post a full frontal pic! Not just one where most of it is hiding behind a table! :-)

8:24 PM  
Blogger cmeknit said...

They look great! Love the colours...I can see you are going to be hooked on socks! You have to try toe up...I love it.

9:05 PM  

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