Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tiny Shrugs

The toe-up socks, intriguing and fun as they are, have been set down for a bit while I work on another project -- shrugs for preschoolers, as I mentioned in my last post. After consulting the Knittyboard for advice, and checking some reference books, I think I have figured out how to adapt the One Skein Wonder for little girls. My math was clearly off on my first effort, though. I intended it to fit my neighbor's three-year-old, and instead it was just perfect for her nine month old sister. Whoops.
So, I'm now on my second effort, and having added more increases, I think that I'm going to be in the ballpark of appropriate sizing for a preschooler. I'm using Bernat Cotton Tots, which is not the yummiest yarn to knit with. But it makes a cute kids' garment. Instead of doing all one color, I'm doing the seed stitch cuffs and ribbing in a contrasting color. That also looks nice for a little girl, I think.
Now I just need to finish the second (for the neighbor's daughter--wouldn't want to cause sibling squabbling!), and make two more (for my nieces). By Monday. So, why am I blogging?


Blogger carrie lou said...

cool! I'd love to see pictures and hear how you adapted the OSW, I have two little girls that need little shrugs. ;)

2:03 PM  

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