Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Too Much Knitting?

OK, so the Cotton Tots really did a number on me. I knit a lot, and have been doing so for awhile, but this is the first time I can remember feeling actual pain in my hands. So I've been taking easy. Sort of.

Weasley KAL progress...I've bought the yarn, and swatched for J's sweater. His will be the navy (Rowan calls it "Midnight") and S's sweater will be the reddish color (this being called "Conker"*). The letters will be done in the tan color, which is called "Cocoa". As you can see, I decided on using the Felted Tweed, since it is machine washable, and it's actually not a bad price considering the yardage. I also used Alison's helpful hints and created the charts for the initials on the sweaters. I was sorely tempted to do an H and an R, especially since this is what my little guys look like (one with brown hair and one redhead!). But I know I will get sick of saying to people, "They stand for Harry and Ron, you Muggle!" So I will be doing their own initials on the sweaters.

I also created a pattern with dropped shoulder sleeves, ribbing at cuffs and waist, and knit in the round with my Sweater Wizard software. I punched in the measurements and made my sleeve choice, etc., and two seconds later, voila, a Weasley pattern. I'm sure that the pattern will make an authentic looking Weasley. But I have to say there was something vaguely dissatisfying about designing with the software. I think it kind of took some of the fun out of it. And now I don't feel as though the pattern is mine. Oh well...

I told myself that I would give my poor hands a rest for a few days and just work on the Weasley "on paper." But I couldn't stand it. I had to start something else. So now I am working on the Glampyre Tubular Camisole. I think this will be a nice three-season garment, because you could wear it alone or with something under it. So here's my progress on that...I wasn't so sure about the bobbles, but I think that they will look nice. Amanda asked what yarn I was using (see picture in previous post). It's actually Coats and Clark TLC Cara Mia. It's a craft store yarn, but it is really nice. It's a blend of synthetics and angora -- basically the same as Katia Diana, but cheaper. It's been on clearance at my local JoAnn's, so I've been hoarding it. It's so soft and really nice to knit with. I will be anxious to see how it wears. (I didn't try washing my swatch, because I am a Lazy Knitter.) I'll let you all know how it goes!

* Can anyone tell me what a conker is?


Blogger msubulldog said...

Oh, Laura, your little boys are SO adorable! They are going to be darling in their sweaters--even if they do have their own initials on them. . . :)

As for "conker," I saw that someone on the Kepler-along (I think) was using it and wondered what the heck kind of red that was? So, after your question, I couldn't help but Google it. It's horse chestnut color--and they're used in an old game called Conkers (presumably because the chestnuts themselves are called conkers?). Here's a pic. It's really a pretty color. Then again, I'm partial to those red-maroons! :)

6:37 PM  
Blogger alison said...

Aww, what cuties you've got there! They're going to look so handsome in their weasleys. I love the idea of doing an H and an R, but I totally understand about using their own initials. Hope you enjoy the knitting!

10:05 AM  

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