Thursday, September 08, 2005

I've Been RAK'd!!

Chrissy (AKA sevenby30) from the Knitty coffeeshop sent me this amazing RAK package today. I was seriously excited to get something fun in the mail. Two lovely boxes of organic tea, and two bars of organic chocolate -- one is milk chocolate (yum!) and one is an intriguing blend of dark chocolate, lime and macadamia nuts. Sounds delicious and it took a major act of willpower not to rip the wrapping off and snarf the whole thing down in seconds! Also two great looking books -- I'm always looking for a good read! And last but certainly not least, the yarn. I had said on my wishlist that I would love to have partial balls of yarn, so that I can try before I buy. Chrissy obliged with some Rowan All Seasons Cotton (grey), Berroco Pleasure (cream) and, sigh, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (green). I already have serious fiber lust for the Baby Cashmerino. Thanks again Chrissy! You made my day!

In other knitting news since this afternoon, I have frogged the Tubular Camisole. Remember I said I had the right gauge? Well, I lied. Checked again and Way, Way Off. Part of my problem is that there are no measurements on the pattern and the sizing is a little strange. I was making the size for a 34-36 inch bust (I'm a 35), and she said that the pattern incorporated a couple inches of ease. (What does a couple of inches of ease mean when you are already talking about a range of actual bust sizes?) So when I measured the width across the top and saw that it was 18 inches on one side, I figured that was about right. But, as I mentioned before, something seemed wrong. So I checked my gauge again by just measuring one inch of sts in various places, saw that I was off, and took the darn thing off the needles. It still measured 36 inches around but it became evident that that is way too big for a camisole. So R.I.P., Tubular Camisole. I'll come back to this someday, after I finish some of these KALs that Amanda keeps roping me into.


Blogger knittinmom said...

I'm so glad you liked the little gifts! Believe me, that chocolate almost didn't make it in the box... Enjoy!!!


11:30 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

Laura - sorry, but I got tagged, and I'm tagging you next. The questions are on my blog. Have fun!

4:21 PM  

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