Monday, September 12, 2005

What a Scam, or "D*&$ You, Meg Whitman!"

Don't let them fool you. They'll try to sell it as a small business tool. They'll have you thinking that eBay is this wonderful opportunity to turn your unwanted yarn and knitting books and CDs into cash. Wrong. What eBay really is, is a giant bleeping Stash Exchange. For everything I sell, I manage to find some yarn that really needs a home. Preferably mine.

Lately, Chez Laura has become the Home for Unwanted Koigu. I have some ideas for this yarn. I have about 85 sock patterns I want to try. Also, a kind knitter at the Knitty Coffeeshop passed along a Seafoam Stitch scarf pattern that would look great in Koigu. Let me tell you, it is taking some serious willpower not to get this stuff on the needles.

I am making progress on my KALs, slowly but surely. (This yarn porn is really just a blatant attempt to hide the fact that my KAL progress is not worth blogging about.) DH asked the other day if I was working on the Weasley sweater. I told him that I was doing J's first, because it is smaller, and to fulfill my KAL obligations, I really need to do only one sweater. His response?

"Yes, but how un-Weasley-like would that be?"

I was shamed. Speaking of which, since I can't enchant my needles...


Blogger msubulldog said...

That blue is just DELISH! I even considered making it my desktop picture, but couldn't bear to get rid of the one from No No Kitty (although now I can't find the link to save my life!). Ebay is truly evil, I agree. *wink*

8:50 PM  
Blogger Glaistig said...

Those photos are scrumptious. You've inspired me to take better yarn pics. All hail the yarn!

I don't ebay yet. My addictive personality would get me in trouble. . . .

4:06 PM  

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