Thursday, October 20, 2005

More on Frogging

Mia left a comment asking for the link to instructions on how to frog without fear. I looked through Minty's archives and found this link to a great Knitty article. That should help you out. Miss McSpazz also mentioned in the comments that, for lacy projects -- really anything other than straight stockinette -- it is much easier to use lifelines than to try to stick the needle back through all the loops. In that case, you will want to pull a length of waste yarn through your stitches while they are still on the needle. I am no lace knitter (yet), but I understand that you should do this after you complete a pattern repeat.

Sock knitting continues unabated here. And, because I don't have nearly enough WIPs, I started another pair for Mr. affiknitty, whose birthday is next week. Details to follow.


Blogger Jen said...

I'm glad the lifeline suggestion was helpful, and yes I think most people use it after a pattern repeat, but I pretty much use it anywhere that I might want to rip back to later, like if I am trying to get the fit right, I'll insert a lifeline before I start shaping so I can try it on and see what I think. Wow, long sentence.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I eat my words.

--Anonymous, Esq.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

life lines are the bomb in lace knitting! i am starting Rowan birch pattern tomm. and you bet i will be doing that after my repeats..thanks for reminding me ;)

4:28 AM  
Blogger msubulldog said...

Hey, lady. . . where's your name on the Weasley-along? I got a little worried today when I didn't see it. Thought you might have done something dratic like pulled out. Say it isn't so!

12:24 PM  

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