Sunday, January 01, 2006

KTC Swap Information!

1. What is your favorite type of yarn/fibers?
Wool and wool blends are my favorites. Merino, cashmere, alpaca, yum, yum, yum! I love beautiful sock yarns, especially handpainted ones.

2. Any yarns/fibers you absolutely hate?
I'm not one for novelty yarns. All cotton can make my hands hurt. But maybe it's the cotton I have used (cheap).

3. Any type that you would love to try but haven't yet?
There are tons of sock yarns that I am dying to try: Artyarns, Louet Gems Opal, Hill Country yarns, Blue Moon Fiber Socks that Rock. I am also starting to knit lace, and the only laceweight I have is from Knit Picks. I don't know anything about laceweight yarns, so I don't even know what's out there!

4. Any yarn allergies or sensitivities?
No, thank goodness.

5. Favorite colors?
I like just about all colors, except hot pink, bright orange, and bright yellow. But little bits of those colors with others are nice. My favorite colors are blues, greens, purples and grays.

6. Favorite type of thing to knit: socks, lace, fair isle etc.
Socks! I love socks! And as I mentioned I am starting to learn to knit lace. I also really enjoy cable projects.

7. Any knitting tools you would love to have?
Blocking wires.

8. Favorite tools you already have?
I love my Addi Turbos (40 inch for Magic Loop!) and my Chibi is my friend.

9. Favorite knitting designer?
Tough one. Nancy Bush for socks. I like some of Annie Modesitt's and Bonne Marie Burns' designs. Also, Anna Bell's patterns are really lovely -- she sells them on her blog My Fashionable Life. I have the sock set and it is great.

10. Favorite knitting book?
Weekend Knitting, Knitter's Handbook, Handknit Holidays, Knitting on the Road, Folk Socks, Knitting Vintage Socks, Knitting Without Tears.

11. Any knitting books you would like?
I tend to buy WAY TOO MANY knitting books. Most of the ones I want are yet to be released. I'd like the Yarn Harlot's new book, Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis, One Skein by Leigh Radford, the new Vogue Stitchionary on cable patterns. Of course, if a person were to have some extra copies of those out-of-print Alice Starmore books lying about, I wouldn't mind relieving her of them! ;)

1. Favorite foods/flavors?
Hmm. I love chocolate, pretty much anything chocolate! :)

2. Foods/favors you dislike?
Not many -- I don't like very artifical-tasting fruit flavors. Marzipan -- yuck. Maraschino cherries -- shudder. I don't really like sushi much, but no one is likely to mail me raw fish.

3. Any food allergies?
Not a one.

4. Do you like tea or coffee?
Yes! But lately I drink more tea than coffee.

1. Favorite genre?
Too hard to narrow it down to just one! I love mystery fiction, literary fiction, popular histories, some young adult fiction, historical fiction, some non-fiction.

2. Favorite authors?
Jane Austen, PG Wodehouse, Dorothy Sayers, Jorge Amado, Arturo Perez-Reverte, Oscar Wilde

3. Top three favorite books?
Oh come on! Only three? I can't do it. Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, The Importance of Being Earnest, Leave It to Psmith, Gaudy Night, Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon.

4. Anything you dislike to read?
I'm not a fan of science fiction, but maybe I just haven't read the right stuff.

5. Do you like to listen to audiobooks? Cassette, cd or mp3 format?
I am interested in trying it out while I knit! I have an iPod, so mp3's are great. Otherwise, CDs.

1. Other hobbies besides knitting?
Not really. I'm sort of getting into papercrafts like cardmaking, collage, and visual journals.

2. Do you collect anything?
Besides books and yarn, I collect teapots, teacups, things with tea-related themes, and things related to Paris.

3. Favorite scent?
For candles, I prefer clean fruit and herbal scents. Light florals are good too. I love lavendar, lemon verbena, linden. Also some spicier scents, like geranium and sandalwood.

4. Any scent you dislike or are allergic to?
Just nothing that is really heavy and sweet-smelling.

5. Music that you like or dislike?
I am really, really, really into music. (I can't play any instruments or sing, but I am an enthusiastic listener.) My favorite kinds of music are indie-alternative pop and rock, classic jazz, classic rhythm and blues, classic 80s alternative music. But I also like bluegrass; alt-country; some hip hop; classical; electronica; Canadian indie rock; world music of all types, especially bossa nova and other Brazilian music, French cafe music, and Middle Eastern and African music. There's not much I don't like. Really mainstream pop and country are not favorites, and I don't like heavy metal, jam bands like the Dead, or hardcore/gangster rap. Some of the bands that I am listening to a lot right now are Death Cab for Cutie, Sigur Ros, the Decemberists (in love with them!), Coldplay, Belle and Sebastian, Cocteau Twins.


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