Monday, January 02, 2006

On a New Year

First of all, thanks everyone for the super nice comments about the KepLaura. I am really pretty happy with it. It's warm, but ok for wearing inside. It fits and doesn't look like a tent. Yay!

Hope you all had a happy beginning to 2006. Yesterday, Greg and I went to see Munich. It was a great movie, but sad and disturbing. I thought it was fairly even-handed. It showed effectively how both the terrorist targets and the Israelis were motivated by love of home, but also by a desire for vengeance. The Academy ought to show Messieurs Spielberg and Bana a little love.

I said I'd do some thinking about the Old Year, and the New Year, and all that rot. Here goes, saved by a meme.

The Top Five for 2005
1. New technique: I can't narrow it down to one -- learning short row heels and toes has made me love knitting socks. Cabling without a cable needle has made me love cables. Blogging has motivated me to stick with projects and try new things. I've learned a lot from other knitters on the Net and found some great patterns.

2. Favorite FO: It would have to be the KepLaura.

3. Favorite KAL: I must say I'm pretty proud of Cover Your Head. People seem to be enjoying it, and there are many active hat knitters. I am looking forward to the next Socktoberfest!

4. Favorite LYS: Around here, I really like Knitting on the Square in Chardon, Ohio (no website as yet). The ladies at the Knitting Room in Woodmere have a special place in my heart for being nice to S. In cyberspace, I really love Knit Picks. I appreciate their mission of making beautiful fibers affordable.

5. Favorite tool: I love love love my 40 inch Addis in 2.00 mm and 2.5 mm sizes. It's all about the Magic Loop, baby! These aren't exactly tools, but I bought both Weekend Knitting and Handknit Holidays in 2005, and I go back to them over and over.

Six Goals for 2006
I'm setting the bar pretty low here, but I don't believe in making resolutions that you aren't likely to keep.

1. I will try more challenging projects. I will try lace knitting, possibly starting with this.

2. I would like to try dyeing sock yarn, with widely available beverages.

3. I want to knit many, many more pairs of socks. I am in love with knitting socks. Lynda recently posted that she would like to get to a point where she only wears handknit socks. A laudable goal! I'm with you, Lynda!

4. I will remember, when I am considering buying glossy magazines at the grocery store, that for the same money, I could buy yarn from Knit Picks.

5. I will not decide to knit gifts with less than three weeks before the relevant occasion.

6. Not knitting-related, but I will exercise something besides my right hand.


Anonymous Zee said...

Oh, yeah, can totally relate to goal #5! I started my Xmas gift knitting in mid-November, granted, but even that is pretty late in the game for some projects. I was still knitting on scarves and hats on Christmas eve.

Best of luck w/ that Knitty lace scarf. SO beautiful!

On another (sock-related) note, I just finished my first pair of socksw - so. much. fun. I had no idea how great it is to knit socks! And this pair went really quickly, but perhaps that's because I knit them on size 5s? Not sure. In any case, pictures will be up on my blog soon.

Happy New Year!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I never thought of that for the price of a magazine, I could get a couple of skeins of yarn from Knitpicks! That's a good thing to remember.

I've heard Munich is good. I like Bana a lot.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

Yeppers- we are so on the same page!!! Perfect 2006 goals. I say DITTO. You're gonna love Branching Out, it's a great starter lace project, and SO pretty.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

Hi again - I was just going through your 100 things, and Jeremiah 29:11,13 is one of my favorite verses, too. It's even up on my side bar!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

I'm suddenly loving knitting socks too. Nancy Bush's books make it so interesting. I know what you mean about exercising more. I have to tell myself on weekends, "Go do your walk then you can sit in your chair the rest of the day without guilt." ;o)

1:58 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

You're going to love Branching Out - a friend of mine just finished it as her first lace project, and it came out beautifully.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Biglug said...

Let's hear it for Magic Loop! I love it!

I got those handknit holidays for my birthday and I want to knit everything in it too.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Brianne said...

Great goals! I love seeing people's goals and how they compare to my own.

Cozy is going to be my first lace project and I'm really excited about it. We need some kind of first time lace knitter's support group or something!

5:17 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

sounds like good knitting goals to me :) i too want to try dying more yarn !!!! love the KepLaura :)my fav too!

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Zee said...

Hey Laura - just a quick note to say thanks for swinging by my blog earlier and for suggesting the Magic Loop method. I haven't given it a try yet and I'm on the fence about trying it based on my recent frustration w/ my two-circular sock trial (details on my blog.) But I love giving new techniques a try so I've bookmarked the instructions. Thanks again!

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Kara said...

Your '06 goals are very laudable! While not knitting, I do have a fiber arts goal. My sister-in-law has asked me to make a quilt from her deceased father's pajamas. My other goal is to eat more interesting chocolate (I mean, I'm going to eat it anyway, why not experiment?) First up - Cocoa D'arriba's Strawberry and Pepper flavored dark chocolate. Yes, black pepper. Interestingling delicious.

5:12 PM  

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