Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Frogging. And a FO. And Another WIP.

On Saturday, I had a big frogging session. Many of the projects I frogged had never even made it to the Ravelry notebook or the blog. Here's a list of what bit the dust: a mistake-stitch rib scarf, a plain stockinette sock in Knit Picks Memories, the Retro Redux shrug, Fifi, the Jawbreaker cardi, a Brea bag, the Beaded Rib socks. It was really liberating, not to have all these half-finished things lying about.

Some longstanding WIPs were spared the frog pond: the Must Have Cardigan, Lady Eleanor, the Cherry Bomb Rib and Cable socks, and a pair of Helgi's mittens.

Step Two: finish WIPs. I did finish one thing. Or two little things, to be exact.

These are a pair of mittens for J, made in Plymouth Encore Worsted using Ann Budd's basic mitten pattern. Not much more to say about them than that. They're red, so he's happy with them.

And here's a pretty fabulous project in the works. It's the Luxe Neck Warmer from Knit 2 Together. The yarn is Artfibers Ming and it was a gift from Preeti. Really, there is no way to overstate the extreme loveliness of this yarn. Soft doesn't begin to describe it. The color is really unbelievably saturated and rich.

I'm having a little love affair with teal right now.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Beret! Yay!

It only took me two weeks, but here's the final FO picture for the Tweed Beret. I love you, blocking! It's been seriously cold here lately, with snow as well, so the beret has been seeing lots of action. I luff it.

Adjusting to single parenting, working, looking for a law firm job, the holidays, and divorce issues are tending to sap my knitting and blogging time. And my sewing machine? She is so neglected. But I am not giving up!

I have been thinking about doing a little crafty housecleaning ... I anticipate this involving a lot of frogging. If a project sits around unfinished at my house, it's usually because I have become bored with it. Since my time is so limited, I need to reassess how I choose projects. Having lots of works-in-progress used to be fun. Now those half-finished cardigans and socks knit to the heel flaps are just items on a to-do list, and not particularly pleasant ones at that. After my brutal frogging session, I want to finish up the things that make the cut. Then, a New Year's Resolution -- try to be a project monogamist.

Fresh starts. We're all about fresh starts around here.