Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to Defeat Second Sock Syndrome

Step 1. Start the first sock in your favorite pattern (Nancy Bush's Rib and Cables) with gorgeous yarn (Cider Moon Blizzard in Cherry Bomb).

Step 2. Finish the first sock in record time. Savor the feeling of self-satisfaction and reflect upon how wonderful the socks will look with your Dansko Marcelles.

Step 3. Immediately cast on the second sock, still full of zeal for the whole project.

Step 4. Knit all the way down the leg and start the heel flap. Start to feel a little bored.

Step 5. Get totally distracted by other projects and your sewing machine. Put the sock down for, oh, seven months or so.

Step 6. Realize that it is winter and your feet are cold. Find a nearly-finished pair of handknitted socks in your craft room. Rejoice!

Step 7. Pick up the second sock and take it to Stitch and Bitch. Resolve not to leave your favorite coffee house until you can wear these socks out the door. Sit there for five and a half hours and three large light roast coffees, furiously knitting this sock.

Step 8. Graft the toe closed, weave in the ends, put on the new socks, and do a happy dance! Reflect that sock knitting is terribly fun and satisfying! Resolve to knit more socks!

Step 9. Repeat.