Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to Work

This week has seen me working on a new cardi in decidedly unphotogenic black. Anyway, my camera batteries are dead, so no pictures of the beautiful yarn that arrived at my house this week either. (Sundara Yarn! Yarn Pirate! Yarntini!) Therefore, I give you Flickr favorites. Can't have a post without pictures.

I am not stalking Ashley. I swear.

1. Cloud Bolero 2, 2. Babette Blanket, first three sections, 3. thinkpink, 4. New Messenger Bag set, 5. Pleated Bag, 6. Glads Are In Season, 7. Yes, I have completely lost my mind, and thank you very much for noticing., 8. Untitled, 9. pinwheel of single socks., 10. O-Tomatoes, 11. babette-fours, 12. plumeria, 13. And now it's a series. (4/365), 14. pleated handbag, 15. evening clutch, 16. afternoon clutch, 17. Purse #2, 18. They Will Pry This Yarn From My Cold Dead Hands, 19. icarus_close-up, 20. Fingerless mitts, 21. Doll Quilt Swap I: received, 22. 155, 23. Meida's Mittens, 24. aunt betty :: texas star, 25. aunt betty :: hexagon love, 26. BTRS - Charming Purse, 27. America Vintage Apron, 28. coasters, 29. Untitled, 30. her heart was twisted and cold, 31. Linen Elisa Bag, 32. New fabrics, 33. postcard 2/2, 34. WIP (virginia alice's quilt) closeup, 35. I love these socks! Jaywalkers!, 36. Twin February Sweaters

Fantine still has not made a public appearance, since the weather has been a bit too warm for her. Hopefully, she'll soon be able to come out of hiding. I can feel fall in the air.

In bigger news, the carefree (ha!) halcyon days of stay-at-home motherhood draw to a close. Tomorrow, I'm officially going back to work. In honor of the occasion, I invite you to click the link and hear that rousing paean to the Working Girl, CAKE'S Short Skirt/Long Jacket.

EDITED TO ADD: Who says there isn't a benevolent God? I found a job, and a nanny, AND there is a new Radiohead album coming out in nine freakin' days. Life is good, people.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

At Loose Ends, a Bit

I didn't mean to let so much time go by before posting again. The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. The good news is, I have a temporary job that may lead to a permanent position. It isn't legal work, but it's related to what I used to do. (I'll be working for a local investment bank; I used to be a corporate tax attorney. Don't hate me because I work for The Man.) I'll be starting next week. And I'm still looking for a job as an attorney.

The bad news is, my crafting/blogging mojo was seriously AWOL. I was starting lots of new projects and couldn't get enthused about any of them. Motivation for finishing WIPs has been at an all-time low. I kind of hit a wall with Babette. I think things are turning around, though. I'm enjoying these sock projects.

Check out that lovely self-striping sock. It's the Kaffe Fassett Regia yarn. The colors are delish; my photo really doesn't do it justice.

And I did finish something. But I can't say it was much fun.

Pattern: Fantine by French Girl
Yarn: Every last inch of 5 balls of Tahki Baby
Needles: US15 bamboo circulars

This was supposed to be an easy, fun, quick project. Sadly, no. Fantine, she was a little high maintenance. It wasn't difficult knitting, though I can't say that twisting stitches with those huge needles was comfortable. The first four balls of yarn had at least two knots apiece. Also, I somehow underestimated the amount of yarn I would need and had to go back to the LYS across town to get another ball of Baby. And, even with the additional ball, I didn't have enough to finish the second sleeve. I had to undo the bind-off on the first, shorten it, and then finish the second with yarn from the first. Annoying.

She is a cute little thing, and I think she will look very nice with a vintage dress that I have, allowing me to wear it into the fall. I'd've posted a modeled shot, but I'm still a little too annoyed with Fantine to take the time to do a proper photo shoot. Maybe after she gets out of time-out.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

What I Have Been Doing

... other than neglecting my blog.

1. Still working on Babette.

2. Still looking for a job.

3. Coming around to the conclusion that the correct answer to the question John or Paul? is George.

4. Fixing things that need to be fixed.

5. Sewing the loudest quilt blocks in human history. It's for practice.

6. Eating very many tomato sandwiches.

7. Finishing up Fantine.

A new WIP. So much for discipline and virtue.

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